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New from Glyphs: SmartCTR

5-15% more conversions, near-zero effort.

SmartCTR is fully-automatic A/B/n optimization designed for sitewide eCommerce testing. Boost multiple elements across thousands of products without creating, implementing, or developing a single thing.

10,000 photos at your fingers

Use our collection of CC0 photos or upload your own. Search instantly by tags, categories, or color. Embed in your website with a click.

...and the best icon sets too

Unlike a monochrome icon font, SVG allows you to work with a huge variety of designs and styles. And unlike buying a single icon set, GlyphsCo gives you access to a variety of sets with thousands of icons and the best styles -- all available to mix and match as you choose.

Control everything with a single url

Embed, style, resize, and more with one single jpg url. Integrate the image anywhere jpgs are supported, edit and update it as many times as you need. One url to rule them all.




Easily use SVG with none of the headaches

The SVG format is fast, customizeable, responsive, and more — but it can be complicated to use correctly. With Glyphs you need a single line of code and that's it. Our system gives you the benefits of inline-SVG, the speed and cacheability of a sprite (one http-request), and over 99% browser compatibilty.


change color and more with css


pick a style that fits you


use the right size and detail


animate and interact with code

Fast, light, reliable, compatible.

From our system to your users, every aspect of GlyphsCo has been designed to be fast, reliable, and compatible anywhere. When you use our hosted graphics you can be sure they'll work for any user on any system with any browser. You get fast and gorgeous imagery that works exactly the way you want.

Automatically optimize for action

For ecommerce and enterprise customers Glyphs can rotate, measure and optimize results of images used across an entire store. If your company has high-value images that would benefit from programmatic manipulation and optimization, contact us for more information.

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